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Continuing our series of hot topics, this week we consider the question of other religions...






Episode 57: Andy and I speak about science and how the truths of 3, 2 and 1 give us the strongest possible foundation for scientific enquiry.



For more on the issue of science:

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When should we address the truth question? And how? The answers may surprise you...




In evangelism it might be tempting to run from the suffering question. Actually suffering allows us to speak of the deepest gospel truths.

Yes, Christians have a problem with suffering. But that's a good thing. The real problem is when people don't have a problem with suffering. Unfortunately that's the trouble with every other approach to suffering - non-Christian answers do not let us engage with suffering as the evil that it is.

Naturally the world responds to suffering in one of two directions - either they explain it by Karma or by Chaos.

With Karma - no suffering, ultimately, is undeserved. At the end of the day suffering is not a problem, it's just unpleasant.

With Chaos - no suffering is objectively wrong. We just happen to live in a random universe and some will get hurt.

But Christ offers us a third way - not all suffering is deserved, but no suffering is random. With Christ we have a way of upholding the meaningfulness and the unnaturalness of suffering.

Tune in to hear how, and to learn how 321 can help address the suffering question...



tep-podcastcover-1024x1024In our series of “hot topics” we’ve talked about Homosexuality, Hell, and now we look at Hypocrisy.

Have people said to you: “I don’t go to church because it’s full of hypocrites?”

How should we answer?

Going through 321 might help:






In our series of "hot topics" we talk about God's judgement. In particular, how can a loving God send people to hell? We see how 321 helps answer the question:

THREE: Judgement is not original to God - love is.

TWO: In Adam, we're already in the pit - hell is this disconnected life.

ONE: Eternal life is a connection to Christ.

Armed with these truths we see how hell is not opposed to a God of love. Madly, we are opposed to a God of love - hence hell!




We begin a new series thinking about hot topics in evangelism.

In this episode we think about sexuality. It's not the first (or the fifteenth!) topic that we want to raise with non-Christians. Nonetheless it's one of the first that will be put to us. So what do we say?

Andy and I talk about the vital importance of being a sexual sinner and of not being straight.

During our conversation we mention the excellent website, my earler blog-post on not being straight and I also refer to  this fascinating photo history of male affection.

Enjoy - and do get in touch in comments. We'd love to hear what you think.




In this episode we talk about Easter. In particular we spotlight our latest spoken word video: "Bread of Heaven."

We also speak about Easter preaching.



In the podcast I mention 8 Easter sermons I've given in other settings.

Easter songs and resources - especially for all-age services




In this episode, among other things we respond to a listener question: What's the difference between preaching and evangelistic preaching?

A few thoughts... In evangelistic preaching you're especially concerned about the following:

  • Don't just point to Christ, the solid Rock, but also to the sinking sand of this world.
  • Preach a raw gospel - we're sunk over our heads, we're lifted higher than we could imagine. Take them on a journey.
  • Also take them on the journey from "wouldn't it be wonderful if this were true..." to "that's the assurance you can have because of Jesus."
  • Be ruthless with churchy language.
  • Put yourself in the mess you're describing... "we are mortal, we suffer, we frustrate ourselves..."
  • Describe journeys to faith (including your own).
  • If you will invite people to pray to Christ (which is a good thing), flag it up early



In this podcast I talk about some examples of my evangelistic preaching.

Here's my sermon on Luke 14,

Some Lunchtime Student Talks, and

A sermon on Hell


10 commandments

This week Andy and I talk about delivering an evangelistic talk.

We discuss my (tongue-in-cheek) 10 commandments for evangelistic preaching (below):




  1. Thou shalt worship Christ from the pulpit.
  2. Thou shalt communicate the newness of God’s revelation.
  3. Thy tone shalt be declarative and devotional.
  4. Thy method shalt be expositional and christocentric.
  5. Thou shalt not preach “the passage” thou shalt preach Christ from the passage.
  6. Thy fevered entreaty shall not be ‘DO’ so much as ‘LOOK’.
  7. Thou shalt not apologize for the word
  8. Thou shalt not be clever
  9. Thou shalt not go searching for illustrations.
  10. Thou shalt not go searching for jokes.

And how can you tell if you’ve done a good job? Ask yourself these questions:

Have I communicated JESUS - has He been the centre of it all?

Have I used or abused the passage?

Have I encouraged confidence in the flesh or faith in Christ?

Have I taken people on a journey from Adam to Christ?

Have I offered promises or simply stated truths? (In other words, Have I offered Christ?)

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