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Come and join RON FROSTPETER MEAD and myself as we speak about the triune God, His outgoing life of mission and the gracious proclamation of Christ.  It's COR DEO, so you know it's good.

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4 – 7 MAY

SAVE UP TO £10 ON A DAY TICKET for Bible by the Beach.



 Friday 4th May       £10

Saturday 5th May   £30

Sunday 6th May      £20

Monday 7th May     £20

Children Day Ticket £ 5


I'll be there!  Come join me :)

All tickets can be booked online with The Good Book Company – or by phoning  0333 123 0880.


You'll have noticed my blogging output aint what it was.

Part of the reason is my recent discovery (which you all made years ago): most of my blog posts are nothing more than tweets inflated by a hefty dose of soap-box rhetoric.

So, for those not subscribed, here are some rants limited to 140 characters...

- What's the first thing Lazarus saw after rising from the dead? The tear-stained face of Jesus.

- Just seen Apprentice 1: Starting out calling your team "Phoenix" is a particularly supralapsarian move.

- I'm always hearing "Such and such a place is spot on theologically, they're just quite unloving." Nonsense. They Must be wrong theologically

- If u just preach hell as future threat u concede that hell aint essentially Christlessness & it aint that bad. #hellisnow #john318#rom118

- Christ's work does not 'make possible' a relationship with God. If that were true all our work would be ahead of us...

- ...Christ's work renders all our work as filthy rags - including the work of 'having a relationship with God.'...

- ...Christ IS my relationship with God...

- ...Which is why atonement debates over "Penal Sub" vs "Christus Victor" are inadequate. Deeper still is Christ's *ontological* achievement

- ... Or to put it another way: Christ aint just my slaughtered goat, nor just my scapegoat. He's my high Priest. And He's sat down!

- I want to write a book on Luther, from "Bondage of the Will" to his dying words. I'd call it "Choosers can't be beggars."

- Jesus is not calling you out of comfort into service. He's called you from cocoons into real life.

- Maybe u thought you were sacrificing comfort in order to be godly. Actually Christ was removing your chains and giving you joy. Phil 3:1-11

- Why we don't connect in conversation: we spend our time Proving ourselves, Protecting ourselves and Pleasing ourselves.

- Sick of 'Jesus is Lord' interpreted according to Caesar. Didn't Jesus explicitly define His Lordship in opposition to the Gentiles? Mk10:42f

- If you think 'I AM WHO I AM' is about divine self-sufficiency, remember: It's spoken by the LORD's Sent One (Ex 3:2,14)

- For every use of 'gospel' as adjective I want 3 explanations of the noun & if u bang on abt gospel-centred by golly u'd better centre on it

- Ever noticed: James Cameron's (& the popular) cosmology is the reverse of Bible's: the Abyss is friendly, the heavens have malign 'Aliens'


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I'm speaking at this in a fortnight.  More importantly RON FROST and PETER MEAD are speaking at this in a fortnight!

It's COR DEO, so you know it's good.


Details here

Come to Sunny Eastbourne for the first May Bank Holiday.  Bring your whole church and enjoy teaching from Stephen Gaukroger, Andy Hawthorne, Alec Motyer, Rico Tice and many more.

The long weekend is themed around "Christ in All Scripture", there'll be great talks, seminars and a brilliant kids work (school-age kids = £12, pre-school kids just £6!).

I'll be there too.  Come and say hello.


I'm half way through Mike Reeves new book "The Good God".

It is.... drum roll... sensational!  It's life shaping for the reader, and I hope career shaping for Mike.  Let's pray that Christ-centred trinitarian theology becomes more than a curiosity or a passing fad, but the very atmosphere of our lives, our theology, our ministry.

Below I'll list some favourite little quotes in my reading so far.  But really I could have picked a hundred others.  And I'm aware that piecemeal nuggets won't convey the real strength of the book.  Essentially "The Good God" is a luxurious soak in the loving life of Father, Son and Spirit.  It's mind-stretching, vision-lifting, paradigm shifting and all the things that a radical trinitarian theology should be.  But the greatest strength of the book is simply this: Mike loves God.  Hugely, tangibly, contagiously - he revels in the Spirit's knowledge of our generous Father in the face of Christ.  And as you read, you cannot fail to love Him more yourself.  I can't think of a better reason to read a book!

So pre-order your copy here!

"We must confess Father and Son before we can apprehend God as one and true" Hilary

"When you start with the Jesus of the Bible, it is a triune God that you get"

"For eternity the Father has been fruitful, potent, vitalizing."

"The God who loves to have an outgoing Image of himself in his Son loves to have many images of his love (who are themselves outgoing)."

"The triune God is an ecstatic God: he is not a God who hoards his life but one who gives it away, as he would show... at the cross."

"God's pleasure is in diffusing and communicating to the creature rather than in receiving from the creature" J. Edwards

"The world must learn that I love the Father" John 14 means that the world learns from the Son how to be a counterpart to the Father [my summary].

"Absolutely singular supreme beings do not like creation"

"The very nature of the triune God is to be effusive, ebullient and bountiful; the Father...finds his very self in pouring out his love"

"To be coherent and meaningful, maths requires the existence of ultimate plurality in unity."

"Through the cross we see a God who delights to give himself."

"To be the child of some rich king would be nice; but to be the beloved of the emporer of the universe is beyond words."

"Our God does not give us some thing that is other than himself, or merely tell us about himself; he actually gives us himself."

Dan Hames has written a lovely little intro to the Trinity at his new blog High Over All.  Check out one of his concluding paragraphs:

Our God is for us.  He puts his eternal life on show for us in history and in our relationship with him.  He doesn’t hide his ‘real’ self, and show us a different version.  It’s not as though the Trinity has a public face which is shown in the Bible and looks all gracious and self-sacrificing, while when they get home from work at 5.30, there’s a ‘real’ Trinity that is finally unleashed: lording it over each other, self-serving, and obsessed with power and glory and the worship of all lowly creatures.  The only revelation of God we have been given is this Trinity-in-action, other-centred, full of overflowing love and delight in one another, in us, in creation.  This is a lovely and lovable God that we know through Christ.

Read the whole thing... 


Dan Hames has a new blog.  Subscribe now and stay tuned for gospel goodness like this:

Jesus is the Father’s one and only Son, the one for whom the world was made, the one on whom the Father’s love has delighted to rest from all eternity.  The Son is so much the focus of the Father’s love and attention that, even in loving you and I, the Father chooses to love us as we are in Jesus.  Nobody who has ever lived has experienced such an outpouring of divine love; the Son is the most beloved person in the entire universe.

Yet, wonderfully, since we find ourselves united to Christ, the Father loves us in him.  We share in the Son’s unique position as the only Beloved, the Father’s joy, and the Heir of all things.  We are blessed beyond measure in him, and it is all because of his generosity and grace in coming out in love  to rescue us.  Jesus took flesh, lived, died, rose, and ascended as one of us that we might become like him in the affections of the Father.  And so to us now as well, the Son is the Beloved.  The glory and kindness of Jesus stir our hearts, and cause us to love and adore him as our Saviour and Lord.


Identity is a new evangelistic course based in John's Gospel.  It's by Lee McMunn of St John's, Newlands in Hull.  I've seen the DVDs and they're terrific.

Each week there is a little Bible study, a talk from Lee on the issue of the day and then a "Big Question" which Lee tackles towards the end of the evening.  The titles for the weeks are:

WEEK 1: The God who created us
WEEK 2: The God who wants to rescue us
WEEK 3: The God we were made for
WEEK 4: The God who wants to comfort us
WEEK 5: The God who loves relationships
WEEK 6: The God who died for us
WEEK 7 The God who wants to persuade us

The Big Questions are:

WEEK 1: Are science and Christianity enemies or friends?
WEEK 2: What about other religions?
WEEK 3: Where can I find lasting pleasure?
WEEK 4: Why do we suffer?
WEEK 5: Do I need to go to church to be a Christian?
WEEK 6: Does God care about justice?
WEEK 7: Do I need to see in order to believe?

Lee teaches with great assurance and winsomeness.  He is a master of illustrations (some of which I've stolen already) and both his main talks and his "Big Questions" sessions are marked by a real clarity and simplicity of expression.

I love the idea of a course based in John (after all, it is the Gospel that tells you "I am an evangelistic tract!!").  Therefore Lee follows the Apostle in putting the Trinity front and centre in his evangelism.  As the course develops, John's themes come through - particularly regarding "Life to the full" and the relational life of the Christian (both vertically and horizontally).  This is a real plus.

There is also a simplicity to the course, with the Bible studies and talks following a logical flow through John's Gospel.  And, barring the final "Big Question" (which feels like it should come earlier in the course), the apologetic issues addressed each week tie in well with the teaching.

The strength of the course comes in it's Johannine flavour and, for what it's worth, I think there is still room for that to be developed.  John's "faith" language was more often unpacked as "following Jesus", "putting Jesus in charge", "committing yourself to Jesus" rather than receiving the gift of the Son.  Similarly, sin was often spoken of as "rebellion" which is extremely common in modern evangelism but much less common in John.

But all in all it's a well written and well produced resource that I hope will introduce thousands to Jesus.

Order the DVD and Guide Books from 10ofthose.  And visit the website here.




Every year Steve Levy's congregation ask him to preach his hell sermon.  They invite their friends and people become Christians.  It's phenomenal preaching and if you ask me it's exactly the way to speak of judgement.

Hell is already on us.  We experience it (John 3:18,36; Romans 1:18).  We see the "trailers" for the main feature and everything screams at us "You do not want to go there!"  Jesus does not come into the world to save some and damn others.  He comes into a condemned world only to save.  We are not at a cross-roads with heaven or hell in the power of our choosing.  Hell is on us.  Our only response is to turn to the Saviour.

Download here.

Also check out the rest of the Mount Pleasant sermons.  Wonderful stuff - including some recent Blackham sermons too.

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