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Luke 1:26-38 Sermon

Luke 1.26-28Sermon Audio

Sermon Text

This is Jesus: The Son of Mary. Our Brother in every way. A pure gift of the Father. God the Son entering our Family that we might enter His. A true Joshua bringing us rest. A true David crushing our Enemy and setting the world to rights.

And He’s for you.

3 thoughts on “Luke 1:26-38 Sermon

  1. fruitofhisdeath

    TWO IMPORTANT OMISSIONS are notable with extremely varying degrees of risks to their beneficiaries.

    These are:

    1. Great blessing for an on the spot conception by an engaged virgin with the highest possible personal risk, viz.: death by stoning, and

    2. Even greater reward at low personal risk with radical change in man’s way of thinking on a postdated defining moment (Christ’s death on the cross refers)

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