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In other words…

Always given to verbosity, here's what I meant in my previous post:

'I have been crucified with Christ' is profoundly ethical

'Take up your cross' is profoundly mystical


0 thoughts on “In other words…

  1. theoldadam

    I might have it the other way around.

    That I have joined Christ in a death like His is (for me) a mystery, since I am still walking around and breathing and taking in nourishment.

    That I take up my cross would be the right attitude. Bearing the pain and suffering in this life for the sake of my neighbor, would seem the right ethic.

    I dunno. Just thinking out loud.

  2. Glen

    Oh yes, it's definitely the other way around too. It's just that people usually think Jesus is only being ethical and Paul is only being mystical. I want to say that both are both.

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