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Inclusive Community? Pick one.

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We want community and we want inclusion. But how do we have both? Because a community is not a random collective. A community is a unity. And it’s unified around something or towards something. Sometimes it’s united against something. Better if it’s united for something. But whatever the principle of unity there is an inner logic or goal or ethos or context or journey that binds us together. It seems patently obvious that whatever this principle of unity is, it …

The Missional Necessity Of Keeping People Out Of Church

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Want the gospel to go forwards? Lock your church doors. Here’s Vishal Mangalwadi on how the gospel transformed church and culture at the time of the reformation: Before the Reformation, Roman Catholic Churches were open seven days a week in Holland. The devout went to the church whenever they wanted to meet with God. They would light their candles, kneel, and pray. After the Reformation, the Church leaders decided to lock their churches on Sunday nights. Not because they became …

Getting Pentecostal

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Listen (and subscribe!) to the Evangelists Podcast where I elaborate on all these points… What is Pentecost? In the Jewish calendar (see Leviticus 23), Pentecost is the “Feast of Weeks”. It’s held 50 days after “Firstfruits.” At “Firstfruits” you have tasted the goodness of the coming crop. At “Pentecost” the harvest comes in. In the New Testament, Jesus rose on the day of “Firstfruits”. He was the Seed who went into the ground (on Good Friday) and came up again …

Recent Talks and Videos

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Haven’t blogged in ages, so let me catch you up on some of what I’ve been doing… Did you see our Christmas video?   And Easter?   Recently I was invited to the Yorkshire Gospel Partnership to talk about glorification. I spoke of our past, present and future in God’s glorious life. THE PAST – THE SOURCE OF GLORY – LIFE OVERFLOWING – A FOUNTAIN THE PRESENT – THE FLOW OF GLORY – LIFE POURED OUT – A SACRIFICE THE …

Three Ground Rules For Understanding Revelation

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As I prepare a sermon on Revelation 1 for this weekend it strikes me that three lessons from this chapter should be followed by any would-be interpreter. 1. The Bible interprets the Bible Not the newspapers. Not modern resonances. There’s a reason Revelation comes at the end of the Scriptures. It picks up and weaves together themes and allusions from every other biblical book. We don’t need to go outside the Scriptures to interpret them. Very often we don’t need …

Video For Remembrance Day

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DOWNLOAD VIDEO If I should die think only this … A bullet flew by that did not miss… What story of the war is told? Romance bright or horror cold? Triumph’s tale or tragic loss, the iron or the wooden cross? Lost lament or victor’s boast? Full brass band or lone last post? Heroes, villains, cowards, kings? It’s war… it’s all these things. It’s us unleashed for good and ill, the gallant heart, the savage will. A Kaiser’s pride, a …

Sermons from Revelation 1 and Proverbs

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Revelation 1:9-20: Overwhelmed By The Son of Man DOWNLOAD AUDIO http://www.worthingtab.org.uk/download-file/audio/20161016-service-am.mp3   Work in Proverbs DOWNLOAD AUDIO http://www.worthingtab.org.uk/download-file/audio/20161016-service-pm.mp3 Share

Six Disturbing Assumptions Uncovered in A World Without Downs

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If you haven’t seen it already, run, don’t walk, to see Sally Phillips’ documentary: A World Without Down’s Syndrome. In it Phillips discusses a new, non-invasive, test offered by the NHS to diagnose Down’s Syndrome in utero. In Iceland, the test has led to 100% of expectant mothers terminating their pregnancies when discovering Down’s. In Denmark it’s 98%. Already in the UK, 90% of mothers terminate and Sally wonders aloud whether, with this new test, we will go the way of Iceland and …

10 New(ish) Sermons

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Galatians 6 Galatians 6 audio download   The Gospel and Mental Health   Four Evangelistic Talks from John’s Gospel God so loved the world (John 3:16) Doubting Thomas (John 20) Water into Wine (John 2) Raising Lazarus (John 11)   Four Other Talks Liberated: Can Christianity really offer freedom? Repent and Believe the Good News (Mark 1:14-20) Jesus Walks On Water (John 6:16-24) Jesus Sat Down (Hebrews 10:1-18)   Share

Racism, Shaming, Scapegoating and Hope

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Here’s a response to some of the events of the last fortnight, focusing on racism and some other of the blame games that threaten to tear us apart. Sorry for the hands-off-the-steering-wheel-gesticulations! Won’t do it again, I promise! If I do an in-car vlog again I’ll probably do it parked. Anyway, hopefully my Jehu impression won’t distract too much from the issues discussed…   Share

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