Racism, Shaming, Scapegoating and Hope

Here’s a response to some of the events of the last fortnight, focusing on racism and some other of the blame games that threaten to tear us apart.

Sorry for the hands-off-the-steering-wheel-gesticulations! Won’t do it again, I promise! If I do an in-car vlog again I’ll probably do it parked.

Anyway, hopefully my Jehu impression won’t distract too much from the issues discussed…


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I’m a preacher in Eastbourne, married to Emma.

5 Responses to Racism, Shaming, Scapegoating and Hope

  1. Peter Bowyer

    Good video message and I’m mega impressed you can talk so fluently without a script and while driving!

    How often did you use your indicators? I did try to count ;-)

  2. Edward J Hart

    Thank you for that ,message so very true,England needs Christ Jesus and many more great preachers like you Glen.
    You preach from the heart all the great truths of the Gospel,May you continue to be used and a blessing to many.

  3. Glen

    Thanks Edward. I appreciate the encouragement :)

  4. Y33sha

    I’m sorry to be off topic, but I wanted to report the untimely death of a link you gave in your old website, to download a spreadsheet of Strong’s concordance. (Here’s the page: https://christthetruth.wordpress.com/2013/07/15/strongs-goes-excel/)
    It would be great if there was a way to restore it.

  5. Glen

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