Catch Up On Reading Between The Lines – 124-130

This week’s Reading Between The Lines.

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Posted on by Glen in My videos, RBTL, videos

About Glen

I’m a preacher in Eastbourne, married to Emma.

2 Responses to Catch Up On Reading Between The Lines – 124-130

  1. Edward J Hart

    Thank you so much for your poems, sermons,reading between the lines,our Lord has blessed us so much through your messages,you truly have been given such a great gift,of interpretation,and delivery which is so inspiring and God given to bless us,May God continue to bless you and may many others be blessed also,and how we need the showers of blessing and revival in our beloved land of England. Thank you so much.

  2. Glen

    Thank you Edward. So glad these messages have blessed you. in Jesus,

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