Five Talks on Isaiah


Talk 1 – Reigning and Serving, part 1.  Audio.  Text.  Powerpoint.

Talk 2 – Reigning and Serving, part 2.  Audio.  Text.

Talk 3 – Judgement and Salvation.  Audio.  Text.  Powerpoint.

Talk 4 – Religion and Redemption.  Audio.  Text.

Talk 5 – Old Creation and New Creation.  Audio.  Text.  Powerpoint.


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12 Responses to Five Talks on Isaiah

  1. James

    Hey Glen, 1 & 2 don’t appear to be working. 3-5 work fine though.

  2. Glen

    Thanks James. Fixed now?

  3. Kebs

    Thanks for sharing Glen! Downloaded all :) I listened to the first 5 mins of the first talk and cracked an excited smile – “This will be full of Jesus.”

  4. James

    Fixed, thank you! Looking forward to listening :)

  5. Glen

    They’re pretty rough and ready as talks, but hopefully Christ shines through the cracks!

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  9. Jonathan Black

    Thank you Glen for these! They’ve given a real blessing in the true sense of the word, because they’re so full of Christ.

  10. Glen

    Thanks Jonathan, it was a pleasure preparing and preaching them. Welcome to comments too!

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  12. Ollie

    Hi Glen, the links seem to have gone dead. Any chance they could come back?

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