Sermon: Romans 3:9-26 – What is a Christian?

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Put yourself in the passage: You had been in the dock awaiting a terrifying sentence.  Now the verdict is delivered for all time: “Justified.” How do you feel?

Or put yourself in the slave market.  You had been shackled and owned by a terrible master.  Now you’re freed and the Son of God is given to you.  How do you feel?

Or put yourself in the queue at the temple.  You deserved to shed your own blood.  But Christ died in your place, as your Lamb.  How do you feel?

What is a Christian?  We are JUSTIFIED, FREED, and FORGIVEN and we don’t deserve it for a second.  Our Christian lives are NOTHING to do with ourselves, and EVERYTHING to do with Jesus our LORD…


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3 Responses to Sermon: Romans 3:9-26 – What is a Christian?

  1. Ephrem Hagos

    Christian lives are groups of “one blind man leading another”. (Luke 6:39)

  2. theoldadam

    This post deserves a hearty AMEN!

    Thank you!

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