Christ our Substitute

My first effort at a video.

The making of it was very fiddly – Powerpoint slides then Windows Movie Maker.  There’s things I’d like to change but alterations are a bit too time consuming I’m afraid.

Hope it’s an encouragement to some…


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  1. Bobby Grow

    Very good, Glen! Very ‘theologian of the Cross;” and the ontological view of the atonement is spot on! I think this should be very instructive and challenging; I hope folks take this message to heart — it has all kinds of good implications!

  2. codepoke

    Home run, friend. Thank you.

  3. Gav

    Excellent work. Than you!

  4. theoldadam

    Terrific, Glen!

    You did a great job. No theology of glory in that presentation. The cross was up front where it needs to be.

    That cross was our death, and our salvation (Law and Gospel).

    Keep up the good work, my friend!

  5. dave bish

    Jesus: Your Best Life Now (Glen Scrivener, 2009)

  6. Rich Owen

    Good work buddy.

  7. Glen

    ok thanks guys – maybe it was worth the hours of fiddling then.

    Dave Bish – that’s hilarious. That should have been the video title. Is that original to you? You should copyright it.

  8. Inilah Kebenaran

    Hey Glne,
    Very encouraging! Though interesting that your graph/chart began with the incarnation and not earlier!

  9. pgjackson

    I like it. Good effort. All of Christ is ours, and therein lies our hope and our salvation.

    But, on that note, the resurrection needs to be in there too doesn’t it?

  10. Glen

    Hey Inilah,
    Christ lives our human life before the Father from incarnation onwards. Of course He is present and active and known and trusted before this – but He is trusted specifically for His work as the Seed of the woman. So I’m particularly interested here in His incarnate ministry – because that’s specifically Him living my life for me.

    Hi Pete,
    Yes – Christ is vindicated for me also. That would be another key event. I started with cross and moved backwards just to start where people’s thinking generally is. But once I’d done that perhaps I should have inserted a bit running forwards to resurrection. You’re right, people don’t generally think of Christ being justified for me in resurrection. But it’s really important.


  11. Bobby Grow

    I wonder where Inilah would’ve had you start? I suppose you could’ve started in the intratrinitarian life of God which is univocally antecedent to what is expressed in the incarnation; but how would you picture that, God is invisible until we meet Him in Christ (maybe Inilah was thinking of His incipient-proleptic-foreshadowed incarnation as mediated through the nation of Israel . . . I don’t know ;-).

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  13. Inilah Kebenaran

    Hey Glen,
    Point taken! Was just being a bit cheeky. But was also wondering what ‘kind’ of life Jesus lived before the incarnation.

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  15. Glen

    Hey Inilah – gosh, what a question! John’s gospel might help us a little: a life towards God (1:1 – ‘pros ton theon’); in the bosom of the Father; full without measure of the Spirit; a life of glory; a life of belovedness; a life receiving the words of the Father; a life of joy.

    And in incarnation He brings *us* into that very relatioinship.

    Haven’t answered your question, but it’s good stuff to think about!

  16. Tim C

    Great work…love it! What’s the music?

  17. Glen

    It’s Placebo (I’m a big fan). It’s the hidden track to their debut album. It was also the B-side to ‘Teenage angst’ where it was called ‘HK Farewell’.

    Told you I was a fan.

  18. Tim C

    Fantastic…I knew I knew it! But couldn’t, for the life of me, work out where from! Thanks.

  19. Dev

    awesome stuff Glen

    actually the words ‘substitute’ and ‘example’
    both imply that He and I are 2 distinct individuals

    “In Christ” on the other hand.. implies both
    including all the other words needed to relate to Christ

    thus faith is a ‘grafting into Christ’
    and it leads to more faith – a greater grafting…

  20. Glen

    Yeah good one. And we’re grafted into Him because He first laid hold of us – Heb 2:16.

    I think I’ll do one on trinity next that’ll make that more clear.

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