Kids Songs

I sometimes post up kids songs.  Here’s a collection I’ve put together for my nephews and neices for Christmas.

(If you’ve downloaded my other songs, notice an old song not seen on the blog before – the Poison Cup.  I’ve also re-recorded Power and have done the Christmas round in a lower key at the end).

Anyway, here are:

Uncle Glen’s Silly Songs

1.  Christmas Round – Good News of Great Joy

2.  The Jonah Song

3.  Moving – The Egypt Song

4.  John 3:16

5.  Shipwrecked (from the Holiday Club of the same name)

6.  Power – Romans 1:16-17

7.  The Secret Song – Philippians 4:13

8.  The Poison Cup (part of a Garden of Gethsemane assembly)

9.  Fake Plastic Trees – Country Hoedown

10.  Christmas Round (remix – in lower key)

11.  Christmas salutation


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I’m a preacher in Eastbourne, married to Emma.

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  1. Jacky

    hey! i have a little nephew and want to teach them some Christian kids songs – are you going to share the chords for these songs with us?? thanks!!!

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