Cannonball - The Way Out Is The Way Down Feel free to DOWNLOAD the video and use it in church / youth group / wherever. And here's me explaining the teaching behind the

Original Sin: What's not to like?

Original sin is a bit of a passion of mine (committed sin too but in a different way). I bang the 'original sin' drum in posts like these: The Good News of Being Condemned Already Original Sin (for the Evangelists Podcast) The

Tweeting Almanack

You fool! It's J not I! You had Job One! — Glen Scrivener ن (@glenscrivener) February 26, 2015 You may feel besieged by worries. Give them to your Father and know: it’s His peace that garrisons

Podcasts: Power Evangelism

Previously in our "Power Evangelism" series. The Power of Ordinary Christian Living The Power of Church The Power of Preaching The Power of Words in Season And now our two most popular episodes in the series... The Power

Not resourcing the devout: raising the dead

Let me try out a couple of statements on you: Church is God's mission strategy for the world. Agree? Sure you do. Ok, what about this one - straight out of Romans 10: Preaching is God's normal means for converting the

Tweets Together

C S Lewis on the meaning of gender. (Perelandra, p.253)— Sam Allberry ن (@SamAllberry) February 18, 2015 Talking snakes is one thing. Talking slime is really something else. Talking slime

Dying to Live

Dev Menon's ascension sermon is the stuff of legend but these two Easter sermons from 2014 are equally rich feasts. Dev paints in such bold biblical colours - showing us the fleetingness of life, the horrors of death and the

Podcast: The Power of Words in Season

Sometimes just a sentence can change an eternity. This is one more way that ordinary evangelism can be "power" evangelism. SUBSCRIBE DOWNLOAD

Cannonball – The Way Out Is The Way Down

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Feel free to DOWNLOAD the video and use it in church / youth group / wherever.

And here’s me explaining the teaching behind the video

Our other spoken word videos:


Original Sin: What’s not to like?

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Original sin is a bit of a passion of mine (committed sin too but in a different way). I bang the ‘original sin’ drum in posts like these:

The Good News of Being Condemned Already

Original Sin (for the Evangelists Podcast)

The Importance of Adam

I’d love to see a proper renaissance of this teaching in our evangelism. Unfortunately Christians shy away from it for several reasons – not least a loss of confidence in the historical Adam. But let me leave that to one side and here sketch out three good reasons our culture ought to resonate with original sin and then address three dumb reasons why it really doesn’t.

Three Reasons Our Culture Should Love Original Sin

It’s holistic

We all know that we’re perishing physically. We’re born into a terminal condition called life. The Christian faces the fact that we are whole persons. We refuse to believe in a divorce between our physical state and our moral/spiritual state. We’re born perishing – that’s just a fact. There’s no need to appeal to some other magical realm where we remain pristine and virtuous. Original sin treats us as whole people – dying on the outside, dying on the inside.

It’s communal

Yes we live in an insanely individualistic age but actually the language of community is hugely prized. We’re in this thing together. That’s what original sin says: We’re all in the same boat. No use pointing at the bad folks over there. I am them and they are me and we’re all in a mess. Original sin levels the playing field and brings us together in the same place – a place of authenticity…

It’s authentic

These days authenticity plays really well. If you can fake this you’ve got it made. Well here’s a doctrine that says we’ve all got deep, deep issues. And no-one can claim an exemption. Nobody’s perfect. Here is the death of all judgmentalism – no-one has achieved a different class of moral existence. All those religious types who think they’re better than others are, beyond question, hypocrites. Original sin says we’re all the black sheep of the family, so let’s stop pretending to be ‘on the side of the angels.’

Having said all this, here are Three Reasons Our Culture Hates Original Sin

We think we’re immortal (The myth of limitless potential)

Modern westerners are in complete denial about our creaturely limitations. We spend our lives seeking to avoid and reverse our mortality. Actually we don’t face our physical perishing so it’s no wonder we can’t face our spiritual perishing either.

We think we’re islands (The myth of individualism)

For all our talk of community, our doctrine of humanity is thoroughly individualistic. I might like to get together with others, but it’s my personal desire here that’s important. I’m a community kinda guy. That’s how roll. When the community starts making claims on me, I cool off big time. When you start telling me of my corporate identity and responsibility, I’m likely to get pretty offended.

We think our decisions make us free (The myth of choice)

It’s so incredibly stupid and enslaving and obviously untrue but we are captivated by the idea that we create our own identity through the exercise of our personal choices. I know, I know – the multiplication of choices mostly ends up paralysing us (see, for eg, this TED talk on the Paradox of Choice) but still the mythology persists. And the  slogan “it’s your decision” is so overwhelmingly persuasive it seems impossible to counteract.


Let’s keep holding out the holistic, communal, authentic side of this message and let’s keep chipping away at the delusions we tell ourselves: that we’re immortal; that we stand alone; that we create ourselves. Let’s point out our mortality and our limits. Let’s highlight the failures of individualism. Let’s spotlight the slaveries we bring on ourselves precisely when we make our bold choices.

And all the while, our goal is not to burden people under the conviction of sin but to awaken them to the reality we all face. The whole point is to wake up the world to the obvious: we’re sick. To embrace this truth is not our damnation, it’s our salvation. For Jesus did not come for the healthy but the sick. He did not come to call the limitless, individualistic self-creators but only original sinners.

Tweeting Almanack

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You may feel besieged by worries. Give them to your Father and know: it’s His peace that garrisons you (Phil 4:6-7)

Jesus promised us peace not ease.

“Jesus is getting on with destroying all rule, authority & power that sets itself up against God (1Cor15) – also known as saving the world.”

That “also known as” from @Roryshiner ‘s “Raised Forever” is so vital to understand when thinking through judgement and salvation.

“We are invited to judge and to rule with Jesus (Dan7:18; Matt19:28; 1Cor6:2; Rev22:5). He’s really into sharing.” @Roryshiner


Jesus gives strength to the weary, grace to the guilty, worth to the worthless, hope to the hopeless. #EnjoyYourDay

Through the Righteous Branch, God never stops doing u good. In fact He rejoices 2do u good with all His heart&soul (Jer32-33) #EnjoyYourDay 

Your sins call down grace, your sufferings – comfort, your death calls you home. Life’s very worst can only make u better #EnjoyYourDay

I am not in Christ according to the flesh (by nature) but by the Spirit. Therefore I must be told the truth again and again. Hence preaching

You may be in the darkest part of the valley. Even there u r clothed in Christ, filled with His Spirit, adopted by His Father #EnjoyYourDay

Though clouds may hide it, the Light of the world has risen, the darkness is defeated, it’s a completely fresh start #EnjoyYourDay

His might dwarfs yr problems: they’re a drop in the bucket. His meekness draws u near: like a Shepherd gathering lambs. Is40 #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus doesn’t just give u a fresh start. He IS the Beginning (Col 1:18) All things are eternally new in Him. U especially. #EnjoyYourDay

Once I prayed with a guy who kept saying: “We want to run towards You & not let anything get in our way.” How different to “Walking IN Christ”

Intimacy with God is not the goal of our worship or discipleship – it’s the foundation, freely given in Christ.

That’s why I like to sing Matt Redman’s song a little differently: “We’re welcomed so we praise.”

Jesus teaches that we neither know nor have life in ourselves. (John10:10)

We don’t need topping up but raising up.

Forever the Spirit anoints the Son. Now He anoints His Bride. Soon He’ll anoint the earth & the deserts will bloom (Isaiah 35) #EnjoyYourDay

Original sin is simply the moral dimension of “death and taxes.” It’s an inevitability we’re caught up in individually and corporately.

“Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.” Jesus follows back #EnjoyYourDay

What you sow does not come to life unless it dies. (1 Corinthians 15:36)

We are His children and even Leviathan is His pet (Job41:5). There’s nothing our Father can’t – or won’t! – turn to our good #EnjoyYourDay

If u knew Jesus was praying 4u in the next room, what confidence u’d have! Distance makes no difference. He’s still praying.#EnjoyYourDay

Taste the coming kingdom: A land of wheat, barley, vines, figtrees, pomegranates, oliveoil&honey. U’ll lack nothing. Deut 8 #EnjoyYourDay

The Gnostics used to preach ‘special knowledge’ to the ‘spiritual ones.’ Today so much preaching = instruction to the pious.

Whatever your weakness today, it’s God’s opportunity to work powerfully. 2 Cor 12:9 #EnjoyYourDay

“We were born sick, I heard them say it.” (Hozier)

The Christian just says that this undeniable decay has a moral/spiritual dimension too. It’s the holistic approach to our human condition.

He cleanses lepers, drives out demons, blasts the lofty, lifts the lowly, shoulders shame, conquers death & rules the world #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelists note: Jesus did not say “I have come to top up your life.” He came to give us life. John 10:10.

Salvation is not a better life, it’s life.

The gospel offer is not an improved life, a prosperous life, a pious life, a more fulfilled life. It’s life.

“The Spirit blows where He wills” is not about His randomness but His reign. The verse goes on “…you hear His *Voice*.” (John3:8)

Want to feel the wind of the Spirit? Don’t grope around aimlessly. The Spirit sovereignly works through His Word.

Even now my Witness & Advocate is on high, my Intercessor is my friend… He pleads with God as a man pleads 4 his friend. #EnjoyYourDay

The fulfilment of the Old Testament is not the New Testament – it’s Christ. And He fulfils the New too.

The Bible unites not so much in a plan as in a Person.

There’s a Battle-Scarred God who’s gone to hell & back 4 u. He meets u in Scripture to bring Peace and Awe (Jn 20:24-31) #EnjoyYourDay

Distrust is a deeper definition of sin than disobedience. You can – and many do – obey with a deeply suspicious heart.

As works flow from faith so rebellion flows from mistrust. Suspicion comes 1st. That’s why Jesus says the world’s sin in unbelief (John16:9)

God is not FatherLY. He’s Father. He’s not Like a Father. He. Is. Your. Father. #EnjoyYourDay

If u say of a church or institution “They’re sound theologically just not very loving” u have a funny view of them, of God and of theology.

Roses are red
Violets are blue
The secular world
Has blasphemy too


“Christ” flashes red
“Jesus” is “blue”
If flowers cause sneezes
Say not “God bless you”!


Tolkein would have loved Shaun the Sheep. Perfect example of a ewe-catastrophe

The inventor of manual RTs got the idea when he saw his parents’ innards cannibalised by strangers. This almost makes me forgive him.

Next summer two film franchises will combine. It will be a kind of “Left Behind versus Jurassic Park.” They’re calling it “Raptor Ready.”

- Ready for our orthopaedics exam?
– Yes I’ve really boned up. Have u studied the narcotics directory?
– Think I’m up to speed

My father was the humblest of celebrities. He was asked to launch the Christmas lights in Milan & Rome but he didn’t bang on about It.

My new road kill cookbook encourages an entrepreneurial spirit within limits. It’s called “Nothing Vultured, Nothing Gamed.”

Is it just me or does the word synaesthesia smell funny?

- I can’t stand all you cattle ranchers.
– Why?
– Cowboys, the lot of you.
– Cowboys??
– You herd.

- And that’s when we told the Edge to take the silly thing off.
– Hat’s off to U2.

The beliefs of ISIS are deeply pogromatic

Pedantick editors make me sic

“All you can eat” customers can get stuffed

Linear/analytic/detail thinkers are not right in the head

Prisons where the *warden* escapes have a screw loose

Those East End gangsters – theys Kray Kray.

I went to a terrible East End eatery. Just offal.

Remedies for diaphram spasms can shut the hick-up

You say Standby,
I say Hibernate,
Let’s call the whole thing Off.

Apparently 50 Shades is common drear about a domineer who commandeers a common dear.

My first job as deputy was to round up the town bums but I couldn’t be botherd.

Wearable technology? Not on my watch.

#BenefitsBritain continues with a documentary about scrimpers extracting gravy from Toby Carvery bins. Tune in tonight for “Sponging Off The Steak”

Omelette flip fail! Boy is there egg on my face.

Those who lose their faith go off the depend.

My mate’s IQ is very average. He’s a simple ton.

I hear your canal boat sank. My gondolances.

I’m working on a basic introduction to Americanisms. It’s called “’Pacifiers’ for ‘Dummies’”

Podcasts: Power Evangelism

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tep-podcastcover-1024x1024Previously in our “Power Evangelism” series.

The Power of Ordinary Christian Living

The Power of Church

The Power of Preaching

The Power of Words in Season

And now our two most popular episodes in the series…

The Power of Illustrations

Here we explore why illustrations are effective and I give 13 that I commonly use in evangelism.

The Power of Stories

In this episode we think about capturing hearts and imaginations through stories.

What illustrations or stories do you find yourself using most in evangelism?

Not resourcing the devout: raising the dead

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Luther Preaching

Let me try out a couple of statements on you:

Church is God’s mission strategy for the world.

Agree? Sure you do. Ok, what about this one – straight out of Romans 10:

Preaching is God’s normal means for converting the lost.

Cool with that? Good!

So then, let’s put these truths together, and let’s say:

The Sunday sermon is absolutely central to our evangelistic task.

In other words, if we want to help our churches be evangelistic, the pulpit should be at the forefront of our thinking and practice.

I suggest that, often, this isn’t the case because we think of Sunday preaching as “resourcing the devout” rather than “raising the dead.” In this situation preaching is aimed squarely at “the saints” with the emphasis on saints (and not sinners). Preaching here easily becomes an explanation of our requisite beliefs and duties as Christians (plus some motivational prompts, perhaps). In other words our preaching is law.

Result? The congregation feels burdened, the Christians feel like church has nothing to say to their friends and if non-Christians find their way in they feel like it’s not for them. Perhaps even deeper than all this, the Christians go away feeling that the good news aint so good, that they need to try harder at this Christian caper and that therefore they’re not free to go out into the world because maybe this week their real job is to maintain their position on the holiness perch. All of this is deadly to evangelism – whether or not non-Christians are present on a Sunday!

How should we react to this? Well evangelism must spring from a deep love and appreciation for the evangel. So let’s think more deeply about the  gospel – we’ll go back to basics:

We are born in Adam according to the flesh.

We are born again in Christ by the Spirit.

Until Christ’s return we have Adam’s flesh and Christ’s Spirit.

We are in Adam by nature and in Christ by grace.

We know our Adamic reality by sight and our Christian identity by faith.

These are the realities behind the truth that we are simultaneously righteous and a sinner.

 These twin realities remain with us until Christ’s return – we will live with these tensions all our lives.

Certainly we must proclaim that Christ is stronger than Adam; the Spirit is stronger than the flesh; our righteousness determines us not our sin; grace triumphs over nature; we walk by faith not sight; etc; etc.

But even though God’s grace in Christ far exceeds our sinful nature in Adam, the tension is not obliterated in this age.

Therefore I can still be called a sinner, I still have flesh, I’m still an offspring of Adam.

My Christian identity comes to me while I remain in Adam.

All of this upholds the vital truth that God’s justifies the wicked. (Romans 4:5)

As Luther says:

– Martin Luther (Luther, WA, 1.183ff).

Since this is so, here’s what follows…

God’s grace meets us in our sinful natures.

God addresses us as sinners in Adam even as He calls us righteous in Christ.

In ourselves we have sin, only in Christ do we have righteousness.

We are called, therefore, to live not by possession but by gift.

That gift comes to us by the Spirit in the Word.


Preaching means addressing sinners and proclaiming the grace of God to them in Jesus.

This does not minimize the “how much more” of God’s abundant grace, it is precisely the context for it.

Preaching is not resourcing the devout but raising the dead.

This is not simply about “evangelistic preaching” at the “revival meeting.” It is the true nature of all preaching.

If this is true…

The job of the preacher is not to top up the spirituality of Christians who have righteousness in their grasp and need to beef it up a bit.

The job of the preacher is to address people sunk in sin and failure and to tell them of a Saviour who is beyond them.

Crucially therefore the audience for the sermon is “the children of Adam.”

All of which means…

The Sunday preacher does not have to choose between two very different kinds of hearer for their message.

The congregation is not split between those who have made a one-off decision for Jesus and those who are yet to choose for Christ.

The Christian needs to hear of their sin and Christ’s salvation. The non-Christian needs to hear of their sin and Christ’s salvation.

The same gospel is for Christian and non-Christian alike.

If preachers actually believed this and actually preached like this I believe our churches would be transformed.

Christians would be saved from the hypocrisy Luther spoke of above.

Christians would know their sin and the grace of a gospel that meets them where they really are instead of their prettied-up Sunday best.

Christians would experience the grace of God more powerfully through a gospel that doesn’t merely strengthen their resolve but saves their souls.

Christians would hear a gospel that applies to the children of Adam and not just to the religious – i.e. a gospel that’s relevant to their Monday to Saturday existence.

Christians would get more of a vision for their vocation out in the world, realising that the Scriptures teach us how to live not just how to function as a Christian.

This will equip us for how we can address our friends with the same gospel. Because it really is the same gospel that answers our friends’ problems.

It might even inspire us to think “So and so needs to come and hear about this, we were talking about anger management (or whatever) just the other day.”

At the end of the service we might just “go in peace to love and serve the Lord” with gusto – not trying to top up our functional righteousness with a few more churchy practices.

Therefore, we might actually feel free to get out into the world, love our neighbours and maybe even befriend them!

And we could then feel that church is a place we could invite our friends – and maybe even do it.

Those are ten benefits of gospel preaching every Sunday and I haven’t even mentioned the fact that non-Christians will very likely be present and may just get converted!

So how about it? Tim Keller gives it a go and he does alright, don’t you reckon? So can we have a go too? Can we address the whole congregation as the children of Adam – every one of them needing Jesus desperately? Can we see the Scriptures as addressing the problems of life not just the difficulties of Christian piety? Can we do more than resource the devout – can we, by the Spirit’s almighty power, raise the dead through the gospel word? If we don’t aim for that I’m not sure we have the right to call ourselves gospel people.

Tweets Together

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Talking snakes is one thing. Talking slime is really something else. Talking slime making fun of talking snakes is the real head-scratcher.

Christ, by His cross, is not an underwriter for sin. He’s an underwriter for God’s costly *forgiveness*. To *sin* He’s an underTaker

Available, Life-giving, Devoured by the world, Broken for you: Jesus is the Bread of life. #EnjoyYourDay

The paedo-baptist position does rely on 2000 years of church tradition I admit. But those 2000 years were BC #Genesis17

The blood of Jesus turns away wrath, purifies from sin, cleanses yr conscience, brings u near 2 God & speaks in yr defence #EnjoyYourDay

Some sermons address “failing Christians” to improve them through the law.
Real preaching addresses *sinners* to raise them in the gospel.

The gospel does not make us “better Christians”, it makes us *alive.*

Titus: Good churches = good leaders proclaiming good news that produces good lives which make the good news look good

Feeling suitably shriven today? God exalted Jesus to His right hand to *give* you repentance (Acts 5:31) #EnjoyYourDay

Through Jesus your sins are covered, carried and cancelled (Psalm 32:1-2). #EnjoyYourDay

Idea: A WordPress plugin that automatically closes blog comments after 2 weeks with the line “I don’t know about u guys, I just love Jesus.”

“I am among you as one who serves” (Luke 22:27). By His Spirit He is still among us. By His Spirit He still serves. #EnjoyYourDay

If ur not a Christian but looking into it, the question for you is not “Could I see myself as a Christian?” It’s “Is Jesus actually Lord?”

“We all love Irenaeus’s comment that the glory of God is a human fully alive. What we forget is that for Irenaeus that meant a martyr.” Behr

The greatest saint needs the blood of God. The worst sinner can claim the blood of God. We all stand forgiven at the cross #EnjoyYourDay

In our evangelism, do we communicate that Jesus is the icing on our essentially theistic cake? Or is He the flour, eggs and butter?

Life: you never (know what you) have till you lose it.
— Matt 10:39

Life: don’t assume, presume or consume it.
Entomb it.
God will exhume it.

Real life is freely received / freely given.
As it was in the beginning,
Is now,
And shall be forever.

No-one who ‘gives their life to God’ should feel proud to have sacrificed – only privileged to have shared the life of eternity.

The way of the cross is not the costly price of eternal life, it’s the glorious shape of it.

The one who takes up the cross does not hear “Well done for dying” but “Welcome to living!”

To focus on the Christ, the Son of God is to focus on the three Persons. In fact it is the *only* way to be Trinitarian.

Mission: Because God does not keep Himself to Himself.
#trinity #missiodei

You want to turn from Christ to concentrate on the Father? You may as well turn from the sunshine to concentrate on the sun.

Your God has gone to hell & back for you. Do you think He doesn’t love you? Hasn’t forgiven you? Won’t raise you to glory? #EnjoyYourDay

John Behr: According to Mark 8, Satan is whatever gets between Jesus and the cross.
Meaning Satan is the ultimate theologian of glory.

Life does not grind along according 2 impersonal laws. Yr Father plots, yr Brother reigns, His Spirit moves: minute by minute #EnjoyYourDay

Discernment means wisdom in the service of *love* (Phil1:9-11). We want to make better choices, Paul says pray for a bigger heart.

Far and away the most common word to describe Jesus’ feelings in the Gospels = “compassion”. ie gut-wrenching mercy #EnjoyYourDay

“I called on your name, LORD, from the depths of the pit.” (Lamentations 3:55)
Or in other words…
“You had me at hell…” (Jerry M’aiah)

No-Pourri: Not to be sniffed at

Haven’t heard from Blue Boy since the 90’s. I guess when you lose your memory you don’t get the gigs.

“I’m only happy when It. reigns.” Caesar

If anyone wants some voodoo acupuncture just say, there’s a doll

My daughter was born with a rye little smile so we called her Maisie

Dying to Live

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Dev Menon’s ascension sermon is the stuff of legend but these two Easter sermons from 2014 are equally rich feasts. Dev paints in such bold biblical colours – showing us the fleetingness of life, the horrors of death and the wonders of a God who would dive down into it, to swallow it (and us!) whole. Listen! (And don’t get distracted by the video he plays halfway through).


Dev Menon: Death Part 1 (Good Friday)

Dev Menon: Death Part 2 (Easter Sunday)


On the subject of death, these talks by John Behr are mind-stretching, heart-warming gospel proclamations: “Christ shows us what it is to be God in the way He dies as a human being.”

John Behr: Death the Final Frontier

John Behr: Taking Back Death (the follow up to his previous talk)


Podcast: The Power of Words in Season

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Sometimes just a sentence can change an eternity. This is one more way that ordinary evangelism can be “power” evangelism.




Titus 2:1-10 sermon

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The Good News produces the Good Life

The Good Life makes the Good News look Good.



Tweets for my sweets

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Some preaching offers Christ – like a meal in a restaurant. Some preaching offers ‘biblical truth’ – like raw ingredients at a wholesalers

If you’re a Christian you are “in Christ”. And you can’t get closer than “in”. #EnjoyYourDay

When Christians protest: “Non-Cs will Never believe/understand THREE [or TWO or ONE]” I often find it’s They who don’t believe/understand it

If you are in Christ, even if He wanted to send you away, God would have to un-knit His own being to do so. #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus encamps around you, the Spirit fills you, the Father beams at you. #EnjoyYourDay

The Greek mind makes vertical contrasts: ideal is above, we are below
Hebrew thinking makes horizontal contrasts: ideal is later, we are now

When we think about the visible/invisible church, is our mindset Greek or Hebrew?

Anyone who says ‘Men try to fix things, women just want to talk it out’ has never spoken to an older woman about child-rearing ;-)

The Risen Lord cooks breakfast for total failures (Jn 21). He hasnt changed in 2000 years. He loves u just the same. #EnjoyYourDay

God is not just forgiving, He’s Father. You’re not just accepted, you’re adopted. #EnjoyYourDay

Adoption into the life of God, thru the blood of the Son! What kind of God do we have? One who gave everything to have us #EnjoyYourDay

Worship is 24/7, sure, but so is marriage. Setting aside special times to enjoy it does not undermine the ongoing reality – it sustains it.

Priesthood of all believers, sure, but Christ gives different gifts and roles to *help* our corporate priestliness (Eph4:11-13; 1Pet4:10-11)

“We’re saved by grace not rituals.” Exactly, so take communion every chance u get & let it proclaim to u that grace that u prize.

If minds emerged from purely Darwinian processes how did we ever arrive at a Darwin? Fitness to reproduce does not equal fitness to think.

If you’re looking for proof of this, ask yourself who at your high school was considered fittest to reproduce? The honours students?

The Good Shepherd has not retired. The One who gave His life 4u watches over, guides, feeds & protects u right now. #EnjoyYourDay

Good news: God has prepared good works for you to walk in today. (Try to look surprised when it happens). #EnjoyYourDay

Gnostic Gospels: Fan fiction from beyond the fringe.

Actually, as I’ve thought about it, it’s more like Frenemy Fiction

Last night on TV I saw a genuine marriage where the celebrant said “By the power of your love for one another I pronounce you husband&wife”!

Then again, I’ve also seen baptisms where the minister says “On the basis of your profession of faith, I now baptise you…”!

Jesus does not wish you well on your way to heaven. He is heaven. And you’re in Him. #EnjoyYourDay

Every word of Ps119:25 articulates the nature of the flesh & the Spirit:
My soul cleaves to the dust;
Give me life according to your word.

Jesus doesn’t merely give us a legal status, He IS our legal status. And not just legal- royal and familial and…dare I go further? 2Pet1:4

We say “We need more harvest.” Jesus says “You need more workers.” (Matt 9:37)

On the plus side, @Stephenfry’s comments remind us that we do Not worship Authority-writ-large. We too despise and reject the author of evil

For @StephenFry to treat Christianity without a Fall is not just straw-manning. It’s shooting the enemy and calling him “God”

One irony regarding Fry’s tirade: He rails against disease, decay and death but only ends up enthroning them as lords of the cosmos.

A much deeper irony: Fry takes aim at the author of evil and Christians rally to defend the monster.

The Father IS Love, the Son IS Grace, the Spirit IS Fellowship (2 Cor 13:14). You have everything you could ever need or want. #EnjoyYourDay

When our champion wins, we celebrate. Thank God we have the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ (1Cor15:57) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus does not hit “Snooze” on your sins, to revisit them later. He’s hit “Dismiss”, once and for all. #EnjoyYourDay

What surrounded Jesus’ gospel preaching? Matt9:35-38
LOVE 4 the lost,
FAITH to see their true condition,
HOPE for a coming harvest,

All that harms & perverts comes from a defeated enemy. Your victorious Friend brings fullness & life: even thru this harm. #EnjoyYourDay

Let persecution be our context not our complex.

Arguments about the length of days in Genesis 1 don’t get very far. Much better to talk about the *kind* of days they were: “good”.

Father, Son & Spirit means Fullness, Poured-out & Poured-in. Divine Fullness is Poured-out for you and Poured-in to you. #EnjoyYourDay

To say “Jesus is the only way to God” is only superficially Christ-centred. Far more fundamentally: “There IS no God except the Jesus-God.”

Without the eternal Word of God it’s not simply that we lack the vocabulary to speak of God. Without Christ there is no God to speak about.

We can’t imagine ourselves into a world w/o suffering since WE wouldn’t exist in this other world. More importantly the LAMB wouldn’t exist

The god the New Atheists decry certainly does not exist. #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus is not ‘the only Way’ like a bridge is the only way 2 an island. He’s the only Way like a light beam is the only way 2 see the source

You have nothing to bring God but weakness & failure. Yet this is exactly what He accepts thru Jesus our Saviour #EnjoyYourDay

Whatever you’ve done this weekend, whatever you will do this week, God’s love is as free as the sunshine. (Matt 5:45) #EnjoyYourDay

Reminder to self: Videos don’t go viral. People go viral.

As Abraham precedes Moses so the new covenant is older than the old. Galatians 3

Christians are new covenant not old covenant people. This means we are children of Abraham not of Moses. Galatians 3

He’s magnetic, heroic & this world’s true Champion. He knows u by name, prays 4u constantly & longs to see u face to face #EnjoyYourDay

If you like building personalised lighthouses that’s your own lookout.

At our bespoke undertakers, our motto is: It’s Your Funeral

Marmalade: for when life hands you marmals

I respect the makers of colonnades even more when I remember what life has handed them.

Cuba’s big problem has been finding a successor to Castro but no one wants to play second Fidel

I told them “You must stop snorting marijuana” because sometimes you have to say what’s right even if it puts joints out of noses.

Your list of passive-aggressive tactics made a glaring omission

If it’s all the same to you I’ll call you a monist

If it means nothing to you I’ll call you Niall

The Spanish must be constantly overwhelmed by their todo lists

Let the dish run away with the spoon, it’s the fork that counts.

-I’ve had no help in thinking up a girl’s name.
-Sure, or handle, appellation, sobriquet, whatever. I’m just saying noone’s helped

I just made a bad karma joke. It got what it deserved

Warning: there are some bad karma jokes going around

“There’s only 1 word to describe my failed attempt at a prosthetic testicle” Shambolic.

Is it worth catching up with the #GreatBritishSewingBee if I haven’t seen Great British Sewing A?

I like comparing historical periods now and then

Face facts people: the average Briton is mean

In gritty Channel 4 documentaries, 8 out of 10 youths say they refuse to become a statistic.

Compulsive talking is a bore I must say