Podcast: Easter Edition

In this episode we talk about Easter. In particular we spotlight our latest spoken word video: "Bread of Heaven." https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=muygjHVdtUY We also speak about Easter

Steaming Piles of Tweet

Don't feel Jesus in your heart? First know that you are on His. (Ex 28:29; Heb 7:25) #EnjoyYourDay Nothing a resurrection won’t fix. #EnjoyYourDay He came to a poor teenager, a northern backwater, a ravaged people. He

"Bread of Heaven" Spoken Word Video

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=muygjHVdtUY DOWNLOAD HERE - FREE Feel free to Use in Church, RT, Share, etc... . WORDS The Israelites in thirsty lands, trod burning sands with desperate craving, no longer slaving for

Happy Friday

It's been a while I know. Here, have a bumper edition... Two Cellos: Thunderstruck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uT3SBzmDxGk Sacred/Sandy

Podcast: Evangelistic Speaking

In this episode, among other things we respond to a listener question: What's the difference between preaching and evangelistic preaching? A few thoughts... In evangelistic preaching you're especially concerned about the

Easter Songs / All Age Resources

Stay tuned for our new Easter Spoken Word video out in a matter of hours! In the meantime, here are some songs and assembly ideas for Easter. Perhaps one of these might be helpful to you: . Gethsemane: Here's an idea for

Tweet'll Dumb

Taste the coming kingdom: A land of wheat, barley, vines, figtrees, pomegranates, oliveoil & honey. U will lack nothing. Deut8 #EnjoyYourDay Whatever your weakness today, it’s God’s opportunity to work powerfully. 2

Luke 14: An Invitation Not To Be Refused

SERMON TEXT DOWNLOAD AUDIO http://www.emmanueltolworth.org.uk/app/download/5795582976/2014-03-23+GS+Luke+14.mp3  

Podcast: Easter Edition

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In this episode we talk about Easter. In particular we spotlight our latest spoken word video: “Bread of Heaven.”

We also speak about Easter preaching.



In the podcast I mention 8 Easter sermons I’ve given in other settings.

Easter songs and resources - especially for all-age services


Steaming Piles of Tweet

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Don’t feel Jesus in your heart? First know that you are on His. (Ex 28:29; Heb 7:25) #EnjoyYourDay

Nothing a resurrection won’t fix. #EnjoyYourDay

He came to a poor teenager, a northern backwater, a ravaged people. He came to diseased, dying, damned sinners. He’s for you.#EnjoyYourDay

Fig-leaf coverings? The children of Adam have followed suit.

Isaiah’s vision of the future: “On THAT day… On THIS mountain.” (Everywhere, see eg Is 25) Our home is HERE but it’s not NOW.

The Word of God spoke with an accent #incarnation

My future inheritance = Grandpa’s stamp collection. Oh, and the universe. Oh, and GOD! Yes GOD! (Romans 8:17) #EnjoyYourDay

Tempted to correct a friend’s spelling of “no affect” when I realised it would neither have effect nor affect.

New life is not a condition of the gospel it’s the offer.

‘Union with Christ’ is not a way of escaping ‘discipleship’ – it means entering into it truly and deeply

Forget human elections, our Man is on the true seat of power. Just, Gentle, Wiser than Solomon, Beyond reproach & ONE OF US! #EnjoyYourDay.

Did the sun come up this morning? Then God’s not going to break His covenant with your Royal Priest (Jer 33:14-22) #EnjoyYourDay

The Spirit is a deposit, guaranteeing your full redemption. And God aint gonna lose His deposit. #EnjoyYourDay

You might prefer physics to metaphysics, but that’s a metaphysical judgement.

God’s being in sending => Our character in mission.

#1Sam16: Bad news- u’ve not been chosen as King. Good news- yr Brother has & He shares His royalty & victory with you #1Sam17 #EnjoyYourDay

Just spoke to a bus driver who much prefers driving teenagers. The elderly are far ruder. A reminder: growing old gracefully aint automatic

“You are my Beloved Child, I’m thrilled with you” – the Verdict we all want from the Father we all crave. It’s ours in Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

Only *sinners* love (Luke 7:36-50). Therefore every sin is an opportunity to know yr indebtedness and the forgiveness of Jesus #EnjoyYourDay

I bet the Spanish are constantly overwhelmed by their todo lists :-/

“My child, get up” He will say. And u will rise 2 feasting joy, complete astonishment & face-to-face with Jesus (Luke 8:40-56) #EnjoyYourDay

My hunch: ‘Noah’ Will get people talking about ‘God’, but unless ur wise it’ll be a ‘God’ who makes talking about God *more* difficult

<< But, again, by all means see it, enjoy it, engage in conversations – just be aware is all

Easter video taking shape :) pic.twitter.com/sp7aBiGMqt

— Glen Scrivener (@glenscrivener) April 4, 2014


Who qualifies 4 Christ’s Kingdom? The powerless, the wicked, the little children: Lk18:1-17. Don’t reach up, receive where u r #EnjoyYourD..

Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean throwing away your brain. It does mean crucifying your need to be brainy

In becoming a Christian, don’t throw away your brain. You’ll need it in order to become consistently and biblically foolish

Paul did not seek credibility from the wise, he sought to shame them – thru the foolishness of the gospel #1Corinthians

You know the tree of life in the garden of God? That’s not just for religious art. That’s for *you* to eat from (Rev 2:7) #EnjoyYourDay

Preaching John 6 this evening. Here’s a good reminder of why we need the Bread of Heaven pic.twitter.com/xkklyEahfo

— Glen Scrivener (@glenscrivener) April 6, 2014


Your sorrows He carries, your infirmities He takes up, your sins He bears. (Is 53) Your weaknesses only draw Him closer #EnjoyYourDay

He’s the Judge of the world, the Revelation of God and a gentle, lowly Rest-Giver: Matt 11:20-30. #EnjoyYourDay

God is Joy – Ps 45:7; John 15:11; 1 Tim 1:11. #EnjoyYourDay

Illustrations can add colour&warmth to preaching but if they’re in to add *interest* it’s not illustrations u need but the *gospel*

Be as incarnational as u like but there was 1 unrepeatable incarnation.
Be as pentecostal as u like but there was 1 unrepeatable Pentecost.

“Bread of Heaven” Spoken Word Video

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Feel free to Use in Church, RT, Share, etc…



The Israelites in thirsty lands, trod burning sands with desperate craving,
no longer slaving for Egyptian masters, now by grace they’re free to face
this fresh disaster – starving in a barren place.

Until the Bread of Heaven fell like morning dew each day anew,
and to these folks complaining, every day the Bread sustaining,
to lead them all their journey through.

Fast forward 1500 years: a Man appears, stands tall among His peers,
And feeds the desert crowds without ado,
A supernatural déjà vu.

And having won the mob’s attention then He makes His bold contention:
He IS the Bread of old, the One foretold to feed us and through our wilderness to lead us.
Could His claim be true?

It’s Thursday Night, an upper room, a supper strewn with broken bread,
Then Jesus stands, a loaf in hand and says:
THIS IS MY BODY – and tears it like a lion tearing prey,
a raw dissection on display.
In pieces rent and ragged, edges jagged, now laid bare in disarray.
(You see) He’ll feed His people in THIS way.

He the LORD for we the least, Him devoured so we can feast.

And so to Friday – by a highway
Rivals gloating, Soldiers joking, mobs provoking, Jesus choking,
torment spoken, HERE the Bread of Heaven BROKEN.

He the LORD for we the least, Him devoured so we can feast.

THEN… Come Sunday and, like Bread, He rises,
surprises all His friends, extends the dinner invitation:
“COME ALL FROM EVERY NATION: This is the meaning of salvation:

He the LORD for we the least, Him devoured so we can feast.”

This God served up upon the cross,
His posture still arms-open willing ALL to come and eat
This Bread is sweet and free – served up anew.
Available like morning dew,
To lead you all your journey through,
My friend, this broken Bread’s for YOU.

Happy Friday

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It’s been a while I know. Here, have a bumper edition…

Two Cellos: Thunderstruck

Sacred/Sandy Geometry:



Onomatopoeian Warfare


From Jeremy Vine

 From Tickld.com

Creepy Hugs


And the brilliant Maria Bamford


Podcast: Evangelistic Speaking

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In this episode, among other things we respond to a listener question: What’s the difference between preaching and evangelistic preaching?

A few thoughts… In evangelistic preaching you’re especially concerned about the following:

  • Don’t just point to Christ, the solid Rock, but also to the sinking sand of this world.
  • Preach a raw gospel – we’re sunk over our heads, we’re lifted higher than we could imagine. Take them on a journey.
  • Also take them on the journey from ”wouldn’t it be wonderful if this were true…” to “that’s the assurance you can have because of Jesus.”
  • Be ruthless with churchy language.
  • Put yourself in the mess you’re describing… “we are mortal, we suffer, we frustrate ourselves…”
  • Describe journeys to faith (including your own).
  • If you will invite people to pray to Christ (which is a good thing), flag it up early



In this podcast I talk about some examples of my evangelistic preaching.

Here’s my sermon on Luke 14,

Some Lunchtime Student Talks, and

A sermon on Hell

Easter Songs / All Age Resources

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Stay tuned for our new Easter Spoken Word video out in a matter of hours!

In the meantime, here are some songs and assembly ideas for Easter. Perhaps one of these might be helpful to you:



Here’s an idea for an all-age sermon / school assembly. It’s a game of pass the parcel where the parcel is a poisoned cup. There’s a song to go with it:


Also for Maundy Sunday, I love this setting of When You Prayed Beneath the Trees.

Forget the singer, Christopher Idle’s song’s in my top 5 all time hymns.



Seed Song (Jesus is the Seed who dies and rises to bring life)





Easter Morn (the song that became ‘Firstfruits’ – no round)


Little Fish! (Jesus is bigger than death)



Tweet’ll Dumb

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Taste the coming kingdom: A land of wheat, barley, vines, figtrees, pomegranates, oliveoil & honey. U will lack nothing. Deut8 #EnjoyYourDay

Whatever your weakness today, it’s God’s opportunity to work powerfully. 2 Cor 12:9 #EnjoyYourDay

He cleanses lepers, drives out demons, blasts the lofty, lifts the lowly, shoulders shame, conquers death and rules the world #EnjoyYourDay

Even now my Witness & Advocate is on high, my Intercessor is my friend… He pleads with God as a man pleads 4 his friend. #EnjoyYourDay

Fave description of Xian life = Luther’s: We live far above ourselves in Christ by faith & far beneath ourselves in our neighbour by love

“Humble minds think alike” Philippians 2:2-3

There’s a Battle-Scarred God who’s gone to hell & back 4 u. He meets u in Scripture to bring Peace and Awe (Jn 20:24-31) #EnjoyYourDay

God is not FatherLY. He’s Father. He’s not Like a Father. He. Is. Your. Father. #EnjoyYourDay

Feeling thirsty? Hungry? Spiritually empty? The sure mercies of Christ are yours: Isaiah 55 #EnjoyYourDay


Jesus didn’t use hell to scare religion into people. Most often He used it on the religious, to scare self-confidence out of them.

“I really must be more ruthless.” Me after each episode of #HouseofCards

The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet (Rom 16:20). #EnjoyYourDay

God has given u His all – His very Heart – on the cross. He gave it while u were His enemy. What will He now withhold from u? #EnjoyYourDay

The Angel of the LORD is either mad, bad or God #ChristInOT

Does heaven seem closed to you? No, Jesus has torn it open & brought you Home: Luke 3:21; John 1:51; Heb 4:14; 6:19; Rev 4:1.#EnjoyYourDay

Hell is not opposed to a God of love. WE are opposed to a God of love. That’s what makes hell HELL

All things are yours – all theology, the whole world, the future – and you are Christ’s and Christ is God’s. 1 Cor 3:21-23 #EnjoyYourDay

God does not treat you as your sins deserve (Ps 103:10). He treats you as Christ’s righteousness deserves. (2 Cor 5:21) #EnjoyYourDay

God’s grace is not help to get us across the line. God’s grace is when He crossed the line Into our helpless condition 2Cor8:9

“You don’t need help, you need helplessness” Jesus (John 6:29, paraphrase)

To the gracious God, the only thing we bring is sin. Hence the upside-down blessing of original sin: it enfranchised the world.

Spring=just a taste of what’s coming: “the desert shall blossom abundantly & rejoice with joy & singing.” Is35 #EnjoyYourDay

Of course Luther & Calvin believed in Christ’s finished work on the Cross but see how they relate the cross to preaching & union w Christ…

“Even if Christ were crucified 1000 times it’d be vain if the Word of God were absent & were not given 2me w the bidding: This is 4u” Luther

“As long as Christ remains outside of us, all He has done 4 the salvation of the human race remains useless & of no value 4 us” (MT Calvin)


In the style of Guy Ritchie I’m producing a tacky biopic of Howard Stern’s music career: a mocklockstockshockjockschlockrockdoc

Forgot to get wrapping paper 4 Emma’s bday presents. Thankfully we have plenty of ‘decorated pine tree’ paper with added ‘birthday reindeer’

Jesus is not nice. He’s ferociously good, fiercely protective, jealously loving. His love is bloody. That’s why u can trust it #EnjoyYourDay

“Who He is, we become. Where He is, we dwell. What He has, we inherit. What He’s done, we possess.” #UnionWithChrist #EnjoyYourDay

The law is all compulsory. The gospel is all-compelling.

ALERT. To convert, don’t just assert: subvert.

Monday’s not the 1st day of the week. It’s the day after you’ve received a massive Raise and a stunning Promotion. #EnjoyYourWeek.

Luke 14: An Invitation Not To Be Refused

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Luke 14




Jesus: The True Bread – John 6 Sermon

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Jesus the Bread of Life



How long since you last ate something? Or drank something? Anything? How long before you’ll eat or drink again? For all of us, some bread and wine is on the menu within the next few minutes. After that, a tea or a coffee, a biscuit. Maybe home and have a snack before bed. Then up for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks in between, deserts, coffees, a biscuit here, a piece of fruit there. How long are we ever awake and not eating?

Hunger is written into our humanity – from Genesis chapter 1, humanity has been born hungry. Born needy. Born dependent on something ELSE to give us life. Every day we need food or we die. And every day we feel our hunger.

These days we don’t feel hungry for very long. We tend to graze don’t we? We’re never very far from food so we don’t often feel our hunger. And when we do we feed ourselves pretty quickly, but even that constant eating shows our dependence. Human beings are weak. Within a few hours without food we can become frail, lethargic, despairing… When my blood sugar’s low, the world is coming to an end. Emma has to tell me, “Don’t worry Henny Penny, the sky’s not falling you’re just hungry.” Just hungry. We’re all hungry, all the time. And our hunger preaches to us. It tells me, on an almost hourly basis: “Glen, you are NOT self-sufficient. You are NOT independent. You do NOT have any life in yourself. You have very limited reserves and if you don’t quickly replenish them, you will die.” LIFE must constantly come to us from OUTSIDE OURSELVES. We have no life within us, we are empty, needy, weak, dependent creatures who MUST RECEIVE or we die.

Some people try to resist this necessity. Have you heard of a small sect called the Breatharians? They believe they can exist without food, through learning secret techniques they claim they can live on air and light alone. Last year a 65 year old Seattle woman held out for 47 days without eating. She had only water and tea (which itself is cheating really, but still 47 days is hugely impressive). Nonetheless she was aiming for a one hundred day fast but she called it off after receiving what she called “a message from the universe that it was time to stop.”

A message from the rest of the world says “Don’t be so stupid! You cannot escape your need for food.” You cannot learn special techniques to generate your own sustenance. There are no special exercises or achievements or performances that give you life. You can’t earn life, you’ve got to RECEIVE it, from OUTSIDE yourself.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites got a powerful lesson in dependence. They were saved from slavery in Egypt, brought through the Red Sea miraculously and promised a land of milk and honey. But in between their freedom and their future they had to pass through a howling wasteland. Millions of grumbling Israelites had to survive in a desert with no earthly possibility for food. So what did God do? Did He teach them Breatharian methods so that their own spiritual techniques would get them through? Did He make them SELF-sustaining through their own religious practices?

No, God never wants us to be SELF-sustaining. He feeds His people with the Bread of Heaven. Manna in the wilderness. Every day the LORD supplied this food, like morning dew, it was freely available. It couldn’t be earnt. Even if you went out to gather lots and lots, you didn’t get more than anyone else. If you tried to store it up, it went off. If you went out on the Sabbath, you wouldn’t find any – God provided double on Fridays so that everyone could rest properly. This bread was a PURE GIFT. In NO SENSE was this bread earned. And a whole generation of Israelites REALLY learnt how desperately needy they were and how wonderfully generous God is….



More Tweety Piles

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Dad’s rich! He has unsearchable riches in Christ – of inheritance, mercy & grace – all ours in Jesus (Eph 1:18,2:4,2:7,3:8) #EnjoyYourDay

Christians don’t so much think Supernatural > Natural (as tho those terms were obvious). We do think Personal > Impersonal

Your God has gone to hell and back for you. Do you think He doesn’t love you? Hasn’t forgiven you? Won’t raise you to glory? #EnjoyYourDay

Of course He’s the shy member of the Trinity – He’s the original Ghost writer. (2 Peter 1:21)

For the Christian, the Holy Ghost gives us our substantial identity. It’s the flesh that haunts us.

Life does not grind along according 2 impersonal laws. Yr Father plots, yr Brother reigns, His Spirit moves: minute by minute #EnjoyYourDay

The way of Adam: keep back, fill up, cling on.
The way of Jesus: press in, pour out, give away.

We come to Jesus with failures, fears and futility.
He gives us forgiveness, a Father and a future.

Far and away the most common word to describe Jesus’ feelings in the Gospels = “compassion”. ie gut-wrenching mercy #EnjoyYourDay

The test of an orthodox church: they believe in God’s THREEness and salvation’s FREEness

You may feel besieged by worries. Give them to your Father and know: it’s His peace that garrisons you (Phil 4:6-7) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus gives strength to the weary, grace to the guilty, worth to the worthless, hope to the hopeless. #EnjoyYourDay

Probably the most driven animal was the Dodo

Through the Righteous Branch, God never stops doing u good. In fact He rejoices 2do u good with all His heart&soul (Jer32-33) #EnjoyYourDay

Darwin: Death is the engine.
Jesus: Death is the enemy.

Your sins call down grace, your sufferings – comfort, your death calls you home. Life’s very worst can only make u better #EnjoyYourDay

Stooping Greatness.
Towering Love.

“Padre, Is God really like Jesus?” The Q of a dying WW2 soldier to Tom Torrance. With eternity beckoning that’s the Q! Torrance’s answer >>

<<“He is the only God that there is, the God who has come to us in Jesus, shown his face to us and poured out his love to us as our Saviour”

You may be in the darkest part of the valley. Even there u r clothed in Christ, filled with His Spirit, adopted by His Father #EnjoyYourDay

Though clouds may hide it, the Light of the world has risen, the darkness is defeated, it’s a completely fresh start #EnjoyYourDay

Dawkins: “There is, at bottom, nothing but blind, pitiless indifference.”
Moses: “Underneath are the everlasting arms.”

His might dwarfs yr problems: they’re a drop in the bucket. His meekness draws u near: like a Shepherd gathering lambs. Is40 #EnjoyYourDay

Feeling suitably shriven today? God exalted Jesus to His right hand to *give* you repentance (Acts 5:31) #EnjoyYourDay

Forever the Spirit anoints the Son. Now He anoints His Bride. Soon He’ll anoint the earth & the deserts will bloom (Isaiah 35) #EnjoyYourDay

We are His children and even Leviathan is His pet (Job41:5). There’s nothing our Father can’t – or won’t! – turn to our good #EnjoyYourDay

Augustine on the Donatists: “The clouds roll with thunder, that the House of the Lord shall be built throughout the earth… … and these frogs sit in their marsh and croak – We are the only Christians!”

If u knew Jesus was praying 4u in the next room, what confidence u’d have! Distance makes no difference. He’s still praying.#EnjoyYourDay