Tweet Mouth Strikes Again

Arrrggghhh. This. It's just. Arrrrgggghh. — Glen Scrivener ن (@glenscrivener) December 3, 2014 "And, like, Jesus fully committed to radical cruciformity and non-coercive relationality while

Christmas: The Fairytale Come True

The final Hobbit movie is now out: The Battle of the Five Armies. The whole series of Hobbit films takes 9 hours to watch but the book, written by JRR Tolkein, takes about 5 hours to read. I’d still put money on more people

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Christmas Carols Radio

Tune in to Christmas Carols Radio for festive tunes and Christmas thoughts 24/7. Great to have on in the background while you work, wrap presents, put up the tree etc. And great to share with friends - the carols are


Just recorded a fun Jonah song on #Soundcloud "God said Go to Nineveh" @richjowen— Glen Scrivener ن (@glenscrivener) November 25, 2014 Jesus said "You must be born again." He didn't

Tweet Harvest

Eat Christmas John Lewis. THIS is an ad — Glen Scrivener ن (@glenscrivener) November 12, 2014 I disagree w the backlash vs Sainsburys ad. They have an advertising budget, they could have spent it on

You want to share your faith, why?

True Story: I once did some evangelism training where I asked participants to list all the things they loved about being a Christian. I put the participants into discussion groups. The one nearest to the front sat there in

Everyone Knows: It's the Cross or Hell

The adultery bomb goes off in a marriage. What next? It's the cross or hell. Either there is the giving up of rights - in repentance and forgiveness - or there is the standing on rights, and it's hell. Nation wars against

Tweet Mouth Strikes Again

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“And, like, Jesus fully committed to radical cruciformity and non-coercive relationality while investing in life-sharing mutuality. Man”

Feel you don’t have it in you to be a Christian? You don’t. But don’t worry, it’s all in Jesus (1Cor1:30) – and so are you #EnjoyYourDay

I get that some explanations of “law and gospel” can sound contrived. But if it’s a restatement of “Adam and Christ”, who can object?

The LORD’s unfailing love&cleansing are not 4 the Ideal You. They’re 4 the you that’s been a sinner from birth (Psalm 51:1-9) #EnjoyYourDay

A Decent Shepherd mends fences. What kind of Shepherd DIES 4 sheep? Jesus. And He rises 2 know you & give you life 2 the full #EnjoyYourDay

Temptation is not a siren song. It’s the cry of your “old man” drowning (Romans 6:1-14)

If you think you need to “preach the text” on one hand *and* “get to Christ” *on the other* – you have a Nestorian doctrine of Scripture.

Our sorrows are not senseless. They are seeds. (Ps126:5) A jubilant harvest is coming, far exceeding the tears that we sow. #EnjoyYourDay

There are no hidden catches, no secret levels. God is completely given 2u in Jesus (John3:35f). If u have Jesus u have it all #EnjoyYourDay

To those worried about making The Right Decision…. Remember, even if you choose perfectly, you’re still forgiven. #EnjoyYourDay

No need to atone for the past. Nothing to prove in the future. #EnjoyYourDay

He is completely open to you (Jn15:15). He is completely given to you (Jn15:13). What a Friend we have in Jesus. #EnjoyYourDay

How patronising to sing “Do they know it’s Christmas” to Africans when 20% of UK kids think Jesus is a footballer

God is not hidden behind Jesus. In Jesus – with arms outstretched to the world – He is revealed in radiant glory. #EnjoyYourDay

O ye of little faith (Matt16-17) – Be ye like little children (Matt18).
It’s not so much that our faith has to increase. WE must decrease

Hilarious blindness from #BBCNews on what caused the truce on CHRISTMAS DAY. Maybe it was the power of football ON CHRISTMAS DAY. Who knows?

Crossword clue: “Spring-like (6)”. Simultaneously Emma and I answered with utter certainty. She said “vernal”, I said “bouncy”.

As lost as ur in Adam is as saved as ur in Christ. The wretchedness u feel is more than matched by the righteousness He gives #EnjoyYourDay

In Christ, ur not just loved with the love that belongs to Him. Ur also liked with the like that He deserves #EnjoyYourDay

When a fool is chosen for a role it’s explained as “a political appointment.” This explains little about the choice but much about politics.

Your home is where His heart is. #Ex28 #Heb7 #EnjoyYourDay

“The law says, “do this” and it is never done. Grace says “believe in this” and everything is already done.” Luther, Heidelberg Disputation

“God is committed to His name” = “The Father is committed to His Son” = “The triune God is determined to be the Gospel God of Exodus 34:6-7″

For the outcast & weak the LORD upholds, feeds, frees, gives sight, lifts, loves, watches over & sustains #Ps146 #EnjoyYourDay

- I’ve been demoted from donkey in this year’s nativity play. Now I’m just one of the wise men’s gifts
– You must be fuming.
– Incensed!

There are still spaces between the hub and the rim if you want to join our tailor made human wheel. DM me for our be spoke service

If you’re just after a staple diet I recommend a fastener food restaurant.

Contract killing is pre-mediated murder

- “You are charged with breaking, entering then eating Ms Owen’s food. How do you plead?”
– “I’m her secret Santa”

- Those Japanese poems are genius.
– Meh, I’d call them High IQ.

Carlos won’t say hello till Pedro shakes hands but he’s shy after Fernando blanked him. I guess that’s the problem of Mexicans standoff-ish

Every time I ask my wife for specifics she says “Wocka, Wocka, Wocka.” She’s fozzie on the details

Ton or tonne? I could go either weigh

Christmas: The Fairytale Come True

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Tolkein quoteThe final Hobbit movie is now out: The Battle of the Five Armies. The whole series of Hobbit films takes 9 hours to watch but the book, written by JRR Tolkein, takes about 5 hours to read. I’d still put money on more people going to the movies to see it. But the Hobbit is a Fairy Story – a tale about Middle Earth – about Hobbits and Dwarves and Elves and Orcs. It’s make believe right? There’s no truth to stories like these, is there? They’re just fantasies – they’re about Dragons and magic rings, there’s nothing real about these stories, is there? It’s all just escapist entertainment, right?

That’s what CS Lewis thought, at one point. CS Lewis went on to write the Narnia books but to begin with, Lewis was not a believer in God nor was he a believer in fairy tales. He loved fairytales. But he thought they were “Lies breathed through silver.” He said this to Tolkein while they were walking along the Cherwell River in Oxford – they were both Oxford dons. CS Lewis was then very shocked by Tolkein’s response.  Tolkein, who was a Christian – a very devout Catholic – said to Lewis “No. They are NOT LIES.” Fairytales are NOT LIES. What on earth could Tolkein mean?

Well he spells it all out in an essay called “On Fairy-Stories.” And he says, there’s something in fairy stories that appeals to our deepest intuitions about the way life ought to be. And in all fairy stories you’ll find some combination of the following:

Love without parting.

Life triumphing over death

Good triumphing over evil.

Heroes winning through sacrifice…






321 the Book: Out Now

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Order the Book and get free delivery in time for Christmas.

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Christmas Carols Radio

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ChristmasCarolsRadio (@CarolsRadio)Tune in to Christmas Carols Radio for festive tunes and Christmas thoughts 24/7.

Great to have on in the background while you work, wrap presents, put up the tree etc. And great to share with friends – the carols are interspersed with Christmas messages.

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Listen to Christmas Carols


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Jesus said “You must be born again.” He didn’t say “You must know when it happened.”

The week does not begin today with u & yr work. It started y’day w Christ & His grace. B4 u take a step ur on top of the world #EnjoyYourDay

The bad news: You don’t have what it takes. The good news: You have everything He gives. #EnjoyYourDay

#ChristmasMeans God didn’t send a manual, He sent Immanuel

Other religious figures “comment on your status.” #ChristmasMeans Jesus shared your status.

Whatever distance we’ve put between ourselves & God, Jesus bridges it. If we belong to Christ, we’re in the Father’s embrace. #EnjoyYourDay

“I am among u as one who serves” “He emptied Himself” “For yr sake He became poor” “The Son of God loved me&gave Himself 4me” #EnjoyYourDay

God does not grant you a tentative pardon. In Jesus He gives you Himself, for free and forever. #EnjoyYourDay

So much “teaching” on the Trinity assumes that it’s a separate and difficult subject rather than the basic structure of Christian faith.

A lot of Christians – while “teaching” the Trinity – talk believers *out* of their confidence in knowing God. It’s desperately sad.

NB: If ur explaining Trinity, ur just giving believers a vocabulary 4what they already know. They know the Father thru the Son by the Spirit

It should be: “U KNOW the Fatherhood of God, the mediation of Jesus, the filling of the Spirit. UR already profoundly shaped by this truth”

There are 2 kinds of death: A) sleep, B) torment. If ur in Christ, u will never taste the latter (Rev2:8-11) #EnjoyYourDay

Feeling your baby in the womb is a wonderful experience of 1Peter 1:8

Your true identity is the name *Jesus* has for you. One day all will be revealed (Rev2:12-17) #EnjoyYourDay

We exhaust ourselves making (or hiding) our reputation on earth. One day we’ll be acknowledged b4 all heaven (Rev3:1-6) #EnjoyYourDay

“The LORD upholds all those who fall and lifts up all those who are bowed down.” Psalm 145:15

Why not #trychurch in the run-up to Christmas? Like an advent calendar with people for chocolates. Message me for suggestions in your area

We wonder where we belong, one day Jesus and His Father will put their name on us forever (Rev3:7-13) #EnjoyYourDay

God does not keep His power/presence/privilege to Himself. He invites us to sit with Christ at His right hand. (Rev3:14-22) #EnjoyYourDay

Evangelism is pastoring the unconverted. Pastoral care is evangelising the converted.

What’s your ‘special possession': the thing u’d run into a burning building to rescue? For the Lord, it’s YOU (1Pet2:9;3:18) #EnjoyYourDay

The Pharisee says “I am better than the unbeliever but their lot on earth is better than mine.” The Christian says the exact opposite.

I see Pharisaical evangelism everywhere: Christians making out that they are superior but the Christian life they’re offering is inferior.

He turned away any who came to Him full, but to all who came empty Jesus gave grace upon grace. He hasn’t changed. #EnjoyYourDay

Burning the candle at both ends means no rest for the wick’d

I can confirm now that I’m a bishop

Scene: Wild West Saloon. Man in black stetson enters. All gasp.
– “Who IS that man? Everyone speaks of him in hushed tones.”
– “His name is Sheesha Shooshar”

I was hunting high and low when I found ‘Headlines and Deadlines’. It was a real A-Ha moment.

[Act 5, scene 8. Meeting of Dept. for Culture, Media & Sport]
-Shall we have a bank holiday in August?
-May as well
[Standing ovation]

“Hit the brakes you fool!” <-- career advice

I spent the 90s working as a Damon Albarn tribute act – all a bit of a blur

Australia’s opposition leader, Bill Shorten, was born “William Longer”

Extreme pig farmers put out all the slops

Trojan Horse: one trick pony

France’s greatest prosecutor was Jack Hughes
Italy’s worst lawyer was Mia Culpa
Israel’s greatest legal expert was the Jewess Prudence

Russian children wait expectantly for their Advent Calendars, housed within the final window of their mammoth November Calendars, etc, etc

No one had thought to put windows in a calendar before. Suddenly I thought: add vent!

Advent Calendars: Wait Watches

I’m not saying John Williams is a drug addict, just that he’s always making arrangements to score.

I should have guessed that my documentary on English fast bowlers of the 80s would come a cropper. I’ve always had trouble making Small talk

The calmest lizard was the camemileon

The first salvaging contract for the Titanic has been awarded. Well done guys, take a bow.

Tweet Harvest

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I disagree w the backlash vs Sainsburys ad. They have an advertising budget, they could have spent it on chintz. They told a valuable story

The story was of *peace* not war & they are partnering with a charity *not* selling the associated merchandise 4 profit like John Lewis

Every filmmaker (in advertising or not) is looking to turn a profit. Sains have gone out of their way to turn the profits to a charity.

One more thing: If Christians share the execrable #WestJetChristmas consumerist orgies but not the Sainsburys ad, something is very wrong

Whatever valley you walk through, the Good Shepherd is ahead while ‘goodness and love’ pursue you. (Psalm 23) #EnjoyYourDay

From the overflow of the Father’s heart His Word is revealed. His Word is Life, Joy and Forgiveness (Matt12:34; 1John1) #EnjoyYourDay

The threefold Name be upon you: Blessing/Keeping; Shining/Gracing; Giving Presence/Peace (Num6:22-27) #EnjoyYourDay

Preachers worry about whether to address Christians or non-Christians. The problem is solved if we preach to *sinners*.

The Judge of all is your Advocate! #CantLose #EnjoyYourDay

Discernment is not about figuring out what words and actions will elicit the response you want. That’s called fear of man / manipulation

Discernment is figuring out what is from the flesh and what is from the Spirit. If from the Spirit: do/say it and trust God for the results

Often our desire for “guidance” is a desire for a crystal ball to protect us from hardship. Real guidance might lead us into hardship

BTW what is from the Spirit will be biblical, Christ-exalting and cross-shaped. Otherwise it’s just the flesh in a husky voice

There is a God who reigns from the cross, turning deicide into divine glory. He will redeem you from *all* evil. (Gen 48:16) #EnjoyYourDay

If you’re evangelistically bold but church-shy you’re basically saying “My personality and methods are more compelling than Christ’s body.”

Our hearts go out, but not like His: “When the Lord saw her His heart went out to her. He said ‘Don’t cry'” Lk7:13 #EnjoyYourDay

The true Lord of this world is not death, decay, power, money, fate or some uncaring god. It’s Jesus and He’s for you #EnjoyYourDay

Whatever it holds, today is another day closer to seeing His face. #EnjoyYourDay

“Church is so alien to non-Christians” complains an evangelist. Exactly! And evangelism is an extended invitation to this strange new world

My mum told me I was born in Canberra. Because I trust her I don’t constantly assert the authenticity of my birth certificate.

God speaks in the Bible. Constantly asserting documentary evidence tends to undermine our stated belief that the Bible is God’s word.

So much ‘evangelical scholarship’ simply uses a bottom-up, liberal methodology but happens to come to conservative conclusions.

In Adam – tho u’d done Nothing – u were caught up in curse. In Christ – tho u’ve done Nothing – ur heir of all blessings #EnjoyYourDay

Church is meant to be understandable AND overwhelming to the outsider (1 Cor. 14:22-25). We tend to be one or the other.

Our Saviour sent Kindness to justify you and poured out Cleansing to renew you. (Titus3:4-7) #Trinity #Salvation #EnjoyYourDay

Been driving to Scotland today, but what’s been most exhausting has been listening to memorialist preacher after memorialist preacher.

Memorialist Preacher: You need to keep bringing to mind that you belong to Jesus
Real Presence Preacher: You belong to Jesus.

Teaching Colossians this weekend. My four talks: God is in Christ… We are in Christ… Buried and Raised in Christ… Walking in Christ

There’s a God who has loved you to hell and back, and He has the scars to prove it (John20:24-31) #EnjoyYourDay

If u invite unbelievers to Christ’s body as u invite them to Christ, u’ll be preaching the right kind of repentance / ‘cost of discipleship’

If church is not an integral part of your gospel invitation, then all your talk of ‘repentance’ will only create flash-in-the-pan moralists

< Which is why ‘repent and be baptised’ is so apt. The flipside of the old life is church life.

Feeling down? We have a lowly God who is with and for the downcast: Is57:15; Dan4:17; Zech9:9; Matt11:29 #EnjoyYourDay

Beauty goes skin deep – John 1:14

Ground down? The Lord’s speciality is breathing life into our dust. Gen2:7 #EnjoyYourDay

Christian theology follows Christ – infuriating *both* Sadducees *and* Pharisees.

The Trinity acc. 2 Rev7:17: A God who wipes away all tears, A Shepherd who dies 4 His sheep, A Spirit who slakes every thirst. #EnjoyYourDay

Heb7:24-25 If you spot Jesus being frog-marched out of heaven, worry. Otherwise #Enjoyyourday

I’m considering a ministry to Sufis. The whirled is my parish.

Camus was a tricky philosopher to get your header round.

Shout Out to all the scapegoats

Of course his music depresses. If you nick drake, it’s going to get you down.

My favourite Welsh tourist attraction is Abercus Castle. It’s the fort that counts.

Morgan Freeman needs archive material for his documentary about opera. He keeps saying: “Get Bizet living or get Bizet dying.”

If you want to reboot “PC: The Musical” the key is to delete the contralto

Mohammed Ali’s self-assessment: “persona none greater”

I’ll take my bandage off when it’s goo’d and reddy

Aladdin’s cave was the Mecca of holy grails

You found the definition of beneficial. Good for you

The Church of England has spread globally despite the fact its rites are reserved.

- Those are killer shoes!
– Not really, they’re moccassassins

You want to share your faith, why?

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True Story: I once did some evangelism training where I asked participants to list all the things they loved about being a Christian. I put the participants into discussion groups. The one nearest to the front sat there in stunned silence. No-one seemed able to share anything they enjoyed about their Christianity.

At the end of the session, a member of that group came up to me very perturbed. “This is not what I was expecting! People need to be able to turn conversations to spiritual matters. How are you training us to do that?” She mentioned some elderly friends of hers who have failing health. “How do we turn a conversation about a dodgy knee into a gospel conversation?”

I suggested that one of the things we might enjoy about being a Christian was that, when ill health strikes, we have a God who knows what it’s like to be weak. We also have a promise that everything happens for a good purpose, etc, etc. I encouraged her to share times when her Christianity has helped her through bad health.

The penny dropped. It was almost as though she had never considered evangelism as a matter of sharing something personal and attractive. I’m guessing, but it sounded to me like she thought of evangelism as responding to arguments and switching conversational tracks to a set of truths. If that’s the mentality then discussing what you like about being a Christian is one thing, evangelism is something else. Unfortunately such a view is all too common.

Recently I spoke with a friend about online ministry. Why do we create evangelistic content for online dissemination? I think it boils down to the question: Do we think the gospel is shareable? When we phrase it like that, the social media connotations become very helpful. Something shareable is something we like. And what we really like we share. What is evangelism? Surely it’s sharing some eminently shareable news. And if we’re not sharing it, maybe we need to stop, look and listen once again. Perhaps if we want to share it we should refresh ourselves with what we like about it.

Everyone Knows: It’s the Cross or Hell

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Broken BreadThe adultery bomb goes off in a marriage. What next? It’s the cross or hell. Either there is the giving up of rights – in repentance and forgiveness – or there is the standing on rights, and it’s hell.

Nation wars against nation. What next? Either there’s surrender / reconciliation or a never-ending cycle of violence. It’s the cross or hell.

An argument starts: harsh words stir up anger. What next? Either a gentle word turns away wrath or the wrath spirals on. Proverbs 15:1.

It’s the cross or hell.

This is not a feature of certain conservative theologies – it’s a fact of everyday existence. In every walk of life the making of peace involves a swallowing of pride – a wrath-bearing sacrifice if you will. Without this “cross”, it’s “hell”. If we are at all aware of a sin problem, we become aware of the desperate need for costly atonement.

Some Christians shy away from the language of hell, wrath and sacrifice. Who believes in such things these days? Well, sinners do. People who understand the world and who understand their hearts – they get the need for blood and fire. If we ditch those concepts we become less able to reach the culture, not more.

Some Recent Talks and Resources

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A new paper for Union Theology: Intimacy With God.

My other resources for Union Theology


Some 2 minute answers to questions about evangelism


A longer seminar about Gospel-Shaped Gospelling


Two evangelistic talks for St Nick’s Sevenoaks

John 1:1-18

John 10:11


My talk on John 1:1-18 for students in the South East starts around the 10 minute mark…

The Tweetorium

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When Brian Cox attempts to address metaphysics I get the exact same feeling as when my PC tells me “Windows is checking for a solution”

When they came with their requests, Jesus was never heartless or helpless, never hurried or harried. HE reigns on high. #EnjoyYourDay

The answer to bad preaching is not ‘a more dialogical form’, it’s better preaching.

There’s truth to the saying: “Gospel ministers are called to faithfulness not necessarily fruitfulness.” But it could mask a deeper problem

To be “faithful” one might imagine plodding obedience. To be “fruitful” one must abide in Christ. In this sense we should aim for the latter

Jesus knows your worst yet He loves you best. #EnjoyYourDay

Today is one episode. Whatever happens, the whole boxed set is a winner. #EnjoyYourDay

Sick of hearing a “gospel” that makes the Christian life sound like the second most miserable existence excepting hell

Crucified between two thieves with arms outstretched to the world, He prays Father forgive. Do you reckon He’s for you? #EnjoyYourDay

In Acts 17 Paul does not give evidence for the resurrection. He heralds the resurrection as *proof* of his gospel.

Christ *appearing* is prominent in Paul’s gospel (1Cor15:1-9) b/c the pinnacle of our hope is face2face (1Cor13) #ComingSoon #EnjoyYourDay

Thank God you never have to deal with tomorrow. (Matt 6:34) #EnjoyYourDay.

The oneness of God according to John’s Gospel: The One and Only God is one with the Only True God (1:18; 10:30; 17:3). #WholeLottaOneness

If that’s not the oneness of God you’re thinking of, you’re not thinking of the Bible’s kind of oneness

We have a Shepherd for the darkest valley and a Lamb for the deepest pit. #EnjoyYourDay

22% of “evangelicals” believe the Father is more divine than Jesus. 51% think the Spirit is a force not a Person: LINK

The LORD is gracious. The LORD is good. The LORD is faithful. The LORD is righteous. The LORD is near. #Ps145 #EnjoyYourDay

Preacher: Does Jesus illustrate your point or does you point illustrate Jesus?

As surely as we’re mired in suffering and sin so surely will we be raised to life and righteousness. 1Cor15:49 #EnjoyYourDay

“What good can come from this?” asks the sufferer. “What good will come from this!” exclaims our Saviour. #EnjoyYourDay

From the Talmud: “All prophets prophesied only for the days of the Messiah” (Sanhedrin 99a. p. 670).

Also from the Talmud: “The world was created only for the Messiah.” (Sanhedrin 98b. p. 667).

“Christ alone” is an Old Testament doctrine.

In Jesus, God does not treat you like His child. You *are* His child. He *is* your Father. #EnjoyYourDay

#ScaryStoriesIn5Words The worst monsters are within

He was crushed for the crushed. He was lifted for the lowly. (Isaiah 53:5; 57:15). #EnjoyYourDay.

Those who set aside ‘good doctrine’ in favour of ‘good living’ are like farmers rejecting ‘good seed’ in favour of ‘good fruit’ (CF Walther)

Your emptiness is all you have. Christ’s fullness is all you need. #EnjoyYourDay

As the nights close in, sun-bathing seems a distant memory. But Jesus promises something better sun-radiating! (Matt 13:43) #EnjoyYourDay

Jesus signs all His letters “Yours forever”. Whatever else He gives- commands/promises/warnings- ultimately He gives Himself #EnjoyYourDay

Emma’s blog is read by Christians and non-Christians alike. I think it’s cos she writes for neither, she just writes for sinners.

666666666666666666: a recurring nightmare

Thank God the Good Shepherd is going to round up evil

- Can you recite any of the Nazirite vows?
– Not off the top of my head.

I tried to invent a single-digit number system but it proved untenable.

Top Efficiency Tip: It takes a whole village to raise a child but only one child to raze a village.

Musical Youth were a passing fad.

I can’t shed tears in public. It’s a crying shame

I will pass your English exam, you mark my words

The filthiest radiographer was “X-ray Ted”

- You’ve only written 1000 Arabian nights?
– Is that a problem?
– You do the myth

Remember: Spring forwards, Autumn’t you put your clocks back an hour?

Each time I go to bed
I find a horse’s head.
Just thought that I would share
My recurring night mare.

I don’t think the Scarecrow was stupid, I just think he made a lot of straw man arguments.

- Try this jumper, I’m guessing you’re a large?
– How did you know?
– I’m a medium

“D’you wanna be in my gang?” <-- clique bait.

In 1979 Uganda missed a trick. Having deposed their dictator they should’ve called their elections a Multiple Choice ExAminNation

I can’t do self-portraits so I’m just gonna lie down on card and trace my outline. It’s back to the drawing board for me

Today I’m getting into the festive spirit – knitting a glowing disc into my hair. Happy Halowee-eve everybody.

Tonight I’m dressing up like a spy. Spooky #Halloween

The exception proves the rule. Always.

I can never calculate my Body Mass Index right. I’m a bit dense sometimes